MonkeyVisor TQ

$ 35.00

The fastest way to save a life is right in front of you...

It's been said that "you don't get to pick the time... the time picks you." So you 1) bought a tourniquet, and 2) you know how to use it. Good! Two outta three still won't get you out of the woods. If you don't have your TQ close at hand, you risk losing valuable time.

We designed the MonkeyVisor TQ to hold a standard windlass-style tourniquet. We really like the Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) by North American Rescue. (We have no affiliation with NAR... just a ton of respect.)

We recommend you get the basics, and become proficient. The image used in the marketing shot is the first prototype MonkeyVisor TQ we made. It lives 24/7 on the driver's side visor of Jim's Jeep JKU. Here's what we carry in our MonkeyVisor TQ. We got it all on Amazon.

CAT Tourniquet, 2 pairs of nitrile gloves, reflective pocket rescue blanket, 3 small Celox packs, Trauma Shears, and a Sharpie marker (to note the time of TQ application). The red cross, and Jim's blood type velcro patches were also purchased on Amazon.

Like we said... MonkeyVisor TQ securely holds all that stuff. It wraps securely around the Jeep's visor. And it rides nicely out of the way... between the visor and our hard top.

So, lose the need to admire yourself in your visor mirror... And gain the ability to help save a life. We kinda like the trade-off.