MonkeyPack 5EIGHT-2R for JL Rubicon & JT Rubicon

$ 65.00

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The MonkeyPack 5EIGHT-2R is designed to hold... uh... whatever you want it to hold. Yea... That's it. Whatever! 

It rides equally well on either the driver or passenger side. Heave duty delrin D-rings  secure the MonkeyPack Panel to the two head rest adjustment posts. The MonkeyPack Panel rides on the seat back - just below and behind the headrest. The included Rubicon SteadyStraps attach to the MOLLE system on your JL or JT Rubicon seat back panel keep everything secure on those bumpy trails (or the speed bumps at the mall).

The MonkeyPack 5EIGHT-2 releasably fastens to the MonkeyPack Panel via an ingenious material, we like to call Velcro™. Secure stowage is further enhanced with the included backpack clip. Just unlock the clip, and the MonkeyPack 5EIGHT-2 can be used as a removable utility pouch  So put your whatever in the MonkeyPack 5EIGHT-2, and take it wherever you go. Just remember to put it back.

Like everything else in our lineup... MonkeyPack 5EIGHT-2 is proudly made in the USA