MonkeyGrip JL

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The engineers over at Jeep made a ton of upgrades when designing the new JL. And they did a really good job. But we have a little issue when it comes to the grab handles. We know... The new built-in grab handles on the JL are fine for hoisting your Mickey-Dees-eatin' fanny up and into the rig. But try hanging on to your A-pillar handle when your wheeling down the trail. And don't get us started about those P.O.S. bolt-on handles... Yep! Nothing says "fun on the trail" like the sound of constant window-banging (did he just say that?) from that floppy bolt on handle.

Mom always says not to criticize without a helpful solution. Well Mom... Here's our solution. 

We humbly present the MonkeyGrip JL. Our US patented design is made to fit perfectly in your JL. The MonkeyGrip's integrated pocket securely stows your mini light, multi-tool, or EDC knife out of your way, yet within easy reach.