MonkeyGear LHE-JK

$ 34.50

A LifeHammer™ e-tool is made for a single purpose: Getting yourself, or someone else out of a wrecked, rolled, soon-to-be toasted, or submerged vehicle as fast as possible. It is really good at 1) cutting seatbelts, and 2) breaking windows. E-tools are like fire extinguishers and defensive weapons. They fall into the "if you can't reach it fast... you don't really have it" category. That's kinda where we come in.

The MonkeyGear LHE-JK is designed to safely, and securely stow your Life Hammer E-Tool on your Jeep JK roll cage. It's designed to easily and securely mount on either the front driver or passenger side roll cage. Like everything from Atomic Monkey Industries, the MonkeyGear LHE-JK is made with Mil-spec and marine-grade materials in our San Clemente, California shop. We're pretty sure "San Clemente" is Spanish for "really high rent". So do us both a favor, and buy two.

Just to be clear... We don't sell the Life Hammer, but we highly recommend you head over to Amazon, Walmart, or just about anywhere else, and pick one up. Remember kiddies... On the trail, you are the first responder.

One more time: LIFE HAMMER™ extraction device is not included.