MonkeyGear FE3 Headrest Harness

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"On the trail... You are the first responder."  Words to the wise.
There are certain items that you really should always have close at hand... especially on the trail. Near the top of the "gotta have" list is a fire extinguisher, 
The MonkeyGear FE3 Headrest Harness is designed to hold your 3”-3.5” bottle diameter fire extinguisher. And when we say “hold”, we mean secure, rattle-free stowage that is ready for the toughest of trails. So don't wait for Smokey The Bear to do your job... Get a fire extinguisher. And get yourself a  MonkeyGear FE3 Headrest Harness. 
Important safety note: The MonkeyGear FE3 is a harness only, and does not include a fire extinguisher, or contact info for Smokey The Bear. Also... actual bears are not interested in helping you put out fires. You gotta trust us on that one.