MonkeyPack 6ELEVEN-2 Seat Back Pack for JL Rubicon (Single Side)

$ 75.00

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The 6ELEVEN-2 Seat Back Pack was specifically designed for the JL Rubicon MOLLE / PALS attachment points. We designed the 6ELEVEN-2 to maximize the available area of the seat back, and provide 132 cubic inches of stowage... without being obtrusive to rear-seat passengers.

We have all seen our fair share of cheap, imported gear... Anyone who knows Atomic Monkey Industries knows that just ain't how we roll. Each  6ELEVEN-2 Seat Back Pack is hand-made... by us, in our San Clemente shop. We use marine-grade, and mil-spec materials to make sure your MonkeyGear product will stand up to whatever you put it through.

All Atomic Monkey Industries gear is proudly made in the USA... And always will be.