Atomic Monkey Industries is the result of our own off-road experiences. The idea for this company grew out of necessity. Countless trips to the back country, combined with daily driver use of our vehicles revealed real weaknesses in the gear that was available to the off-road / daily-driver community. Let's face it... Most of the stuff we see is made off-shore, and from really cheap materials. We set out to change that.
Our mission is to develop top quality gear  for serious off-road use. Wherever your rig takes you, Atomic Monkey gear will help with the ride. Our designs go through several prototype phases, and have to survive real world abuse on our own vehicles before we will allow them into our catalog. We use military proven, and marine-grade materials. You can be confident that Atomic Monkey gear is built to endure. 

From day one, we have been hell-bent on making a top quality product in the USA. As we began to develop our prototypes, we kept hearing that manufacturing in the US wasn’t worth the effort. We were “advised” that we could have a better profit margin if we had our gear made overseas, or used imported materials. Well, to those who say that quality American materials and manufacturing are history, we politely answer... “BullShit”.  We may be living in a global economy, but Atomic Monkey gear will always be made right here, in the Land of the Free. And even though it may cost us a little more, we will always use American materials.

We will also make sure that our customers have the best possible experience purchasing, and using every product in our rapidly growing catalog. Check out our warranty to see how far we are willing to go to support our customers. We believe that thoughtful design, high-grade materials, and a commitment to American manufacturing will set us apart from the "crap-we-can-source-from-China" crowd. We hope you will agree.