MonkeyStash OSCAR SIERRA BRAVO for JK - JL, - JT

$ 65.00 $ 75.00

MonkeyStash Oscar-Sierra-Bravo.

Named for the Oh-$#!t Bar, that many a Jeep passenger has clutched. Get it?Simple as that. Made to stash all the, um... stuff your passenger usually drags into your Jeep on a road trip. 

MonkeyStash OSB is all about 8"x4.5"x2" of storage goodness. It tucks nicely under the bar, and features a "drop pouch" design. 

It will easily handle a George Costanza-sized wallet, and still handle a pair of sunglasses. MonkeyStash OSB is lined with a soft,no-scratch tricot fabric, so you can stow said sunglasses without worry. 

MonkeyStash OSB is made to fit the JK, JL, and JT model Jeeps.

And, like all of our gear... it's designed, tested, and made in the USA.